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To help you get started I have created my Guide to Switching Green.

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What does green beauty mean?

Here’s what it means to me.

There are many ideas of what it means to switch to green beauty, but basically it means switching out toxic products for non-toxic ones.

Your skin is the largest organ on your body and absorbs ANYTHING that you put on it.  What’s scary is that sometimes what you put on your skin can be more damaging than what you put in your body.  Why?  Because whatever is on your skin that it absorbs goes directly into your bloodstream and is dispersed to your various organs…and QUICK.

I want to bust a few myths right away for you.


  • Squeaky does not necessarily mean clean, it means your body has been stripped of its oils.
  • Oil does not cause breakouts, sugar and hormones do.
  • The more you detox, the better good, natural products will work.

Lastly, green doesn’t just refer to the non-toxic ingredients in the products but also the process and packaging which you acquired them.  By choosing non-toxic products, you are already being environmentally friendly by decreasing the demand for toxins.  The best case for packaging is that it is recyclable, uses non-toxic ink, and biodegradable plastics.

The beginning of your journey

Where to Start

1. Toss the Bad

Download the Think Dirty App.  Scan all of your beauty products (or enter them in the search in the app).  Throw away anything stated as carcinogenic.  I suggest also throwing out anything with a rating of 7 or above.  It’s not worth it dude!

2. Identify the Daily Products

Then identify any of the products you use the most frequently and on a daily basis.  For me this meant face wash, face lotion, toothpaste, deodorant, eyeliner, mascara, and body wash.

3. Slowly Replace the Rest

Now that you have a solid foundation, work on replacing each one of your other products slowly.  This could be making one switch a week or maybe a month.

4. Educate Yourself

As you begin to identify the toxic products you use, you will start to recognize a pattern of ingredients to avoid and decide which ones you can live with or without.  Don’t drive yourself crazy looking for the ultimate pure beauty products, find what works for you and the ingredient list you are happy with.

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